1.3 Dissertation Services

Academic Assist has an ingenious team of experienced and knowledgeable dissertation writers, who are capable of giving best dissertation works. You can be assured that the writer doing the research and preparing your dissertation would be well experienced and holds the right academic qualifications also for the assigned subject. Thus the dissertation work created by us is of highest academic standards. All the work done by us is perfectly scanned for duplicate content and is totally plagiarism free .

Conducting research and then writing perfect dissertation is a tedious task that needs high level of specialization and expertise in particular subject. This is the reason why many students face issues or find it tough to come up with perfect dissertations. But with the assistance from Academic Assist you can earn good grades within stipulated deadline as we offer a complete package of dissertation writing service that starts with creating a topic and ends with finest quality well researched and written dissertation on desired topic. So all you need to do is sit back and relax, while leaving the hard work on to us.

1.3.1 Dissertation Topic

Are you searching for an impressive dissertation topic?

Your search ends here with the extraordinary and expert writing services provided by MyAcademic Assist. You can find the best help with us as we have a team of expert writers who can develop several topics on the desired subject, providing you many choices. All you need is simply fill the online form and provide us an outline regarding the subject related to which you need the topics. For example :

I am doing a degree in marketing and I want few topics on social media marketing.

Once you make the payments, our experienced writers will start with the research in particular field relevant to the topic. After few queries they will provide you with few relevant, manageable, interesting as well as innovative topics for the dissertation. Within 72 hours or may be less you will receive several topics through email. If you do not find any topic to be of relevance, the writer will modify them or suggest some new ones, because we aim at 100% satisfaction for clients.

Why order a Custom dissertation Topic?

The key to your dissertation´s success is to find out an impressive dissertation topic. This will finally help you get good grades and degree. It is although a tough task to come up with an innovative and remarkable topic for dissertation , but we can help with you that in very short span of time. Few reasons which make it tough to find good dissertation topics are through research within stipulated time span. Therefore we know well that the dissertation topic needs to be:

So, save time and be assured of good grades by availing our help to frame an exciting and impressive dissertation topic. The topics suggested by us would certainly enthuse and keep you engrossed all through the dissertation. Moreover, it will benefit and contribute the research area by enhancing the knowledge in particular field.

1.3.2 Dissertation Topic & Plan

Looking for an impressive dissertation topic and plan?

Get a customised dissertation topic along with a perfect plan / outline for your dissertation, by availing best-in-class dissertation topic and outline services of MyAcademic Assist. Dissertations are vital part of your studies and career in future, realising this fact we help you earn best grades in class to frame a dazzling and successful future ahead for you. Relevant topic along with perfect outline is the stepping stones for a perfect dissertation that will earn you good grades, as they provide you a discussion document along with a framework for the dissertation work that will follow. Our experienced and skilled dissertation writers will create a topic as well as develop a precise outline that will cater to all the needs of the subject area of research. We have a unique dissertation topic and outline service that fulfils all the requirements of students who want to get good grades. It helps them in coming up with innovative proposals, dissertations or thesis.

Standard Dissertation Topic & Outline / Plan

It includes topic justification, research aim, literature review, research methodology, methods of data collection and data analysis suggestion.

Extended Dissertation Topic & Outline / Plan

It will also include all the features of standard along with detailed research objectives, literature review, and justification of research methodology, data analysis guidelines and 5 references.

Service Description

This dissertation topic and outline service has been specially created for the students who want help regarding proposal, dissertation or thesis. Our writers create a suitable, manageable as well as appropriate dissertation topic on the basis of your requirements. Alternatively, you can also provide us a topic of your choice. We develop a suitable structure for the dissertation, by keeping in mind all your specific needs. Create an outline for dissertation that covers:

1.3.3 Dissertation Proposal

The stepping stone for your dissertation is creating a dissertation proposal, to earn the grade that you desire. Even the academicians and experts suggest that developing a notable proposal is necessary for starting off with the dissertation process. Therefore the process of proposal development should never be underestimated. A well written and drafted proposal indicates that you have an in-depth understanding of the topic and subject and you have identified, analysed and summarised the literature that is relevant to the topic, while developing the research gaps. Students involved in various other studies fall short of time , so for them it is tough and challenging task that needs distinct skills. A customized thesis or dissertation proposal created by Academic Assist will help in reducing the work overload at this crucial, yet demanding stage of career. To save you from sleepless nights and to earn good grades we help you with each and every aspect of proposal writing.

1.3.4 Dissertation Part or Chapter

Particular chapter in dissertation is giving you trouble? Take our assistance.

Just order us the toughest part of your dissertation and be free to concentrate on the rest of the dissertation, while earning good grades that you aspire.

Writing and framing a perfect dissertation is the toughest and most challenging part of every student´s career. No wonder most of the students struggle with some or most of the parts of dissertation. Sometimes it is tough to find the necessary literary resources for literature review, while sometimes it is difficult to prepare a rigours research methodology with proper justifications. Sometimes it is difficult to draw perfect conclusions or give sound recommendations . Whatever part it might be , we are always there to assist you. All you need is to just fill a simple form that asks for required word count for the specific chapters or parts and you will directly get a quote for the work needed. To place a successful order , just give us the relevant details and make the payments. So if you are facing any issues with any part of dissertation , do not panic , simply ask for help from us!

1.3.5 Statistical Service

Do numbers give you shivers, statistical analysis sounds tough?

Here is one stop shop solution for you avail statistical services for dissertations with MyAcademic Assist. Statistical analysis is considered to be very vital part of very dissertation, as it depicts the practical aspects on which your dissertation is based on, supporting the original research. Thus, thorough analysis of data is very crucial element of any dissertation to get good grades. Statistical analysis is very complex task that needs expertise in various software packages like SPSS, EXCEL, POlystat, LaTeX, eViews, MatLab along with various other statistical packages. Without taking help of these efficient software´s it is next to impossible to get desired results for dissertation. Better the analysis , better the grades.

Academic Assist provides excellent statistical dissertation services that helps you in perfect data analysis, assists in testing hypothesis developed for research as well as helps in finding answers to research questions. We provide support in conducting the findings as well as analysis part of dissertation, by making the analysis of complex datasets also much easier with the appropriate statistical package. We conduct both qualitative as well as quantitative research as need be.

1.3.6 Editing and Improvement

Struggling to find a perfect ending for dissertation?

Your search ends here, if you are running out of time to complete your dissertation. Be assured that you will get good grades with Academic Assist´ shigh quality academic dissertation, editing, improvement as well as proofreading services. Research along with perfectly framed writing is the turning point in your academic life, as it reflects several years of study as well as hard work being put through. Getting the topmost grades will certainly have remarkable impact on your future career prospects. But framing a high quality dissertation needs specialised skills and expertise in particular subject of study. May be that is the reason why many students struggle to get it perfect, especially when they are under immense pressure to strike a balance between coursework and classes.

Typical scenarios for editing and improvement :

1.3.7 Dissertation (Full)

Do you need help with your dissertation?

Dissertation is very crucial and important part of your academic progress and career, so it should not be underestimated. Impressive dissertation will certainly get you better grades and better career in future. Rather dissertation can be summed up as the ultimate reflection of everything you have done as a student. Just go ahead and invest in the right custom written dissertation service like Academic Assist and ensure good grades without any stress.

Researching and framing the perfect dissertation is specialised task that requires experience and desired skills. One mistake and the whole dissertation go for a toss. It has been noticed that even most diligent students struggle and need to work very hard to get it right. So instead of working frantically to create full dissertation, that might not get you desired grade, why not take assistance from professional custom written dissertation services like ours and be sure about the grades you will get.

Is it considered cheating?

No, not at all. Taking help of our services is not called cheating, rather most of the diligent students avail our services and have strong work ethics and have stronger desire to get good grades that they deserve.