Find solution to all your queries from the questions and answers mentioned below. However, if you still need assistance and advice, you can always contact us directly on our customer service department number.

1. How do I place an order?

Placing order with us is simple and easy, by just completing our online order form. Fill the requested information fields with relevant information and finally click on "Get Prices" to find out the best available prices. To get the best possible price you can change your selections later on also. Please note that in some situations we might not be able to provide you with exact price immediately because of highly specific nature of the order like editing, improvement and proofreading services etc. In the next section of the form you need to fill your specific requirements and choose further options like the period of amendment or referencing system etc. Once you have filled all information clicks on "submit" button and you will be redirected to payment page, here you can make payments through debit/ credit or PayPal or directly into account. Once we get the payment, we will start working on it and deliver complete work on allocated deadline.

2. How do I order dissertation?

Ordering dissertation is as simple as mentioned in the answer 1 of "How do I place an order?", in addition to the full dissertation writing service, you can select few options in the order form as per your choice:

  • Dissertation topic and plan/ outline - create a plan for writing dissertation
  • Dissertation ( part) - to help you with certain chapters or parts of dissertation
  • Proposal - to develop research proposal or dissertation proposal
  • Statistical Analysis- to get help regarding statistics for dissertation
  • Dissertation editing, improvement and proofreading - to get assistance to improve dissertation

3. How can I Pay?

In order to place order easily, we have introduced a range of convenient payment methods like:

  • Card payments using PayPal and SagePal
  • Direct deposits or transfer to our specific bank accounts
  • Deposits

4. Do you resell/ publish custom written assignments?

No we never publish or resell any paper as per our guarantee norms.

5. Why do I need to pay deposit?

Our sole purpose is to make sure that we have a standby writer to complete your work with highest quality and standards. For certain services like editing, proofreading and improvement we cannot immediately tell exact price because of specific requirements. So we need to analyse and then consult with the writers and then assign work to qualified writers on the basis of work complexity. Then we provide you with best available quote, therefore we ask you to pay a deposit amount that gets deducted from the final quote if you continue with the order.

6. What are your prices?

In order to find out our best price for the order, just complete the first section of the "order form" and then click on "Get Prices" to know the price for your order.

7. Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, we do accept payments in instalments for orders that are above 200 pounds. However, this incurs an additional 10% administration charge. You can choose the option of making payment in instalments on the payment page.

8. What subjects are covered by you for doing assignments?

We cover range of subjects starting off from under-graduate level, to post graduate as well as PhD subjects.

9. What kind of guarantees do you offer?

We offer 10 point guarantees that cover:

  • 100% original as well as plagiarism free or money back
  • 1st, 2:1, 2:2 quality standard ( as desired)
  • Free amendments within the requested period
  • Writers with degree and highest qualifications
  • Work matching initial briefing
  • Delivery on or before deadline
  • Completely confidential
  • Papers are never resold
  • Fully referenced paper with free references and bibliography
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

10. Can I avail any discount on my order?

We have certain discount schemes as stated below:

  • 1. If you order three or more than three assignments during same period, you get a discount of 15%.
  • Once you have ordered nine papers or assignments with us, the tenth order with us would be completely free of cost.
  • 3. If you have ordered more than four assignments from us in the recent past, you can get up to 15% discount on your next order.

If you already have any discount code provided by us, fill it in required section while filling the online order form and enter the promo code on the payment page.

11. What is the quickest time span to complete an assignment?

Our proficient writers can easily complete an assignment within one or two days time period and the urgent delivery dissertations can also be completed within a week´s time. However, the more time we get to complete the order, the better price we can offer you. Additionally, the urgent orders are also subjected to the availability of writers.

12. Can I get the writer details to contact personally?

Yes you can contact with the assigned dedicated writer for your project all through the writing process. Just send us a message and we will forward that message to the assigned writer. Any questions or answers form the writer will be forwarded back to you on immediate basis. So it is advisable to check your emails regularly, while making sure that you have a valid phone numbers in case you need to be contacted in case of emergency situation.

13. What type of information do I furnish to the writer?

The writer should be briefed with the full requirements, along with any additional sources like learning outcomes, lecture notes, case studies, handbooks, and assessment criterion.

14. Can I get specific reference material in my work/ project/ paper?

Yes , you can do so, just keep in mind while placing an order click on "Specific Sources" , this is a free option on the extra´s menu, that also provide details of the materials. We might ask you to provide us with scanned or electronic version of the material, if our writer is unable to find it in our resources.

15. What do you mean by amendment period?

The free amendment period is the time since when you receive the completed order from us or advise that your complete order is ready ( in case you make payments in instalments). Within the period of free amendments you can ask for making the changes, if you think that your initial requirements are not being fulfilled. These changes would be done by us for free. We provide 7 days amendment period as standard and for dissertations it is 21 days. However, extended amendment period can also be arranged with additional charges.

16. What type of delivery options do you offer for the dissertations?

We can complete your dissertation in a short span of time as short as just few days in case of urgent delivery to complete the dissertation in few months or even in a year´s time ( PhD thesis). Delivery of your dissertation will also rely on your needs or your deadline. Normally we try to deliver the dissertation by giving a free outline to get your approval, next deliver the first half and the in the end final version of the dissertation. In case of urgent deliveries we will first give you free outline and then finally a complete dissertation.

17. How do you deliver the complete order?

We use the channel of email for delivering the complete order either on or before the deadline. Your complete order will be with you at the most by 11pm on the day requested. All the orders are being sent in Microsoft Word format, unless requested in any other format.

18. What happens in case my paper does not match my initial requirements?

Although the prime motive of our writers is to fulfil that all your orders cater to all your needs , in case if anything is not clear or need further clarification we , try to seek clarifications from you. In case of any unlikely event if you feel that the initial instructions have not been met, you can contact us and we will amend your order as quickly as possible without any extra charges.

19. Can I get some help to collect primary data for my work?

Yes, our experienced writers will certainly help you in designing the questionnaire as well as interview questions as per your need to collect primary data. The writers can easily fabricate the data for an additional charge. When you complete the order form, just choose the 'primary research' option along with '; Extra Charge' and the writer will provide you with made up data which will be added to your order.

20. Can I get to see the plan before starting the work?

Yes, we would be more than happy to offer you the outline or plan to check before the work is started on your order. When filling the online order form just choose the option 'plan' form the section named extra service and this will be added for an additional charge to your order charge. The plan that is provided will be added as an extra word count that you have chosen while completing the form. It is important that you reply back immediately with any feedback regarding the plan so that we can start work to meet the desired deadline and to avoid any delays.

21. Can I get a reflective log or diary that goes along with my paper?

Yes, you can get a reflective log/ diary, while completing the order form just choose the 'reflective log. Diary' option available in the extra services section. Then choose the desired word count as well form the drop down menu. Then fill your particular requirements in the field given, once you do so you can see additional charge. The reflective log or diary will be sent to you along with the complete order on or before deadline.

22. Can I get appendices added to my order?

Yes you can get it , all you need to do is tick the 'appendices' option form the extra services section, choose the desired length and what you want the writer to include , an extra charge will be applied for it.

23. Can I get delivery of my dissertation chapter-wise?

If you want more parts or chapter-wise draft of your dissertation to be delivered mainly in case of Master´s or PhD levels, you can get it done with our flexible services that helps in planning the delivery of work as per your needs. But for extra deliverables there would be extra charges and it is imperative that you provide us with immediate feedback on the deliveries to get the work delivered on time and within deadline.

24. For 'Exam Notes' how does 'arrange in advance' option work?

It is very simple, just place the exam notes order online and choose the option "Arrange in advance" and for this option you will need to pay certain deposit amount depending on the quote provided by us.

25. Do your writers do calculations?

Yes, if need be our writers are proficient in doing calculations ranging from ratios, financial analysis to formulas and profit and loss. All you need to do is choose the option of 'calculations' form the extra services section and then enter your specific requirements in the field given. This service is available for an extra charge.

26. Can I order a presentation along with my order?

Yes of course, you can choose the option of adding a presentation from the extra services menu by simply ticking this option. Let us know the number of slides you need and indicate if you need comments or speech for every slide. Extra charges are applicable for both slides as well as comments.

27. Can I get a report along with my poster?

Yes you can easily do so. When you order a poster you can choose the option of adding a report from extra services section. An extra charge is applicable for it.

28. Can I get data analysis done even if I order a part of my dissertation?

If you have placed an order for a part of your dissertation, we can do data analysis as well as for you. When you choose the option of 'Dissertation ( part) Service' , just choose 'yes' for the question "would you like to perform data analysis ?" , make a payment of extra charges and our writer will do the data analysis.

29. What is the best quality for our work that you provide?

The quality standards offered by us include:

  • 1st quality standard: this is equivalent to A grade (70 -100 %) and is the best quality.
  • 2:1 quality standard: this is equivalent to B grade (60-69%) and is 2nd best quality.
  • 2:2 quality standard: this is equivalent to C Grade (50 -59%) and gives guarantee to be above the pass standard.

30. Can I get the guarantee that my work will be 100% plagiarism free?

We are 100% confident that the work provided by us is totally free form plagiarism and we will give your money back if it isn´t.

31. Can I submit the work to university?

Yes you can submit the work without any hassle as the work provided by us is of highest academic standards.

32. How can I use the work provided to me?

Although we retain the copyright for all the completed works, but the work provided to you by us can be used for research purpose and can be used as study aid. If you plan to take any material from the work provided by us, you need to reference it properly.

33. How do I confirm that I am not cheating?

We feel immense proud in the fact that we are transparent, honest as well as open company that believes in building trust with our clients. The papers developed by us can be submitted as your own and would not be treated as breach of copyright and will not be against the university rules. It is simply getting guidance for your work from specialists.

34. How do you guarantee confidentiality for your services?

We provide 100% confidentiality by not disclosing any information or details related to your to any third party as we take this as a serious matter. So all your details will be kept private all through the process.

35. Can I get reference material for my order?

All the order created by us comes with free reference material or bibliography that gives you all the details about the sources used by the writer. But we cannot send you the documents cited as we do not have the copyrights of those materials.

36. What is the unique feature about your services from others?

The unique content provided by our skilled writers is what makes us a leading and ethical academic content providing company across the globe. The team of writers hired by us is highly educated and the work delivered by us is of highest academic quality.

37. Is it called cheating if I use your services?

No, the work delivered by us is being created as a study aid or a model answer that will assist you in completing your work on time. It is just like using any journal or article or past paper available for reference, so it cannot be termed as cheating.

38. Are your services legal?

Yes, our services are 100% legal.

39. Do you trade under any other names?

No we are one single company that operates as Academic Assist only and rest other websites with different names similar to us are not associated or related to us in any manner.

40. Can I completely trust your organization?

Being a registered company, you can trust us. Moreover, we have been providing dedicated services to our clients for so many years and have developed immense trust in the market.

41. What all services do you offer?

We offer wide range of services along with custom-written essays, reports, assignments, dissertations and proposals, we also help in developing innovative posters as well as presentations, writing exam notes, provide statistical and SPSS services, computing and programming services and also provide editing, improvement and proofreading services.