1.4 Other Services

Academic Assist is well known for offering expert help with editing, proofreading, and improvement along with help in other fields as well like computer programming, statistical analysis and software development. We have a team of specialists who have immense experience in all the subjects and at every level. The work is conducted by expert writers, programmers or statisticians, who hold graduate, postgraduate degrees in their core subject. So be confident that your assignment would be handled by and completed by well qualified and professional specialist , so that it caters to all the assessment criteria. All the tasks done by Academic Assist go through stringent checks for duplicate content so as to guarantee plagiarism free assignments.

1.4.1 Computer Programming

Stay relaxed and leave all hassle aside regarding your computer programming assignment when Academic Assist is here to help you with good grades. It can be a real-time challenge to earn good grades in programming assignment, mainly when the students are overworked and struggling hard to meet the deadline. But with our support you do not have to worry, as we have specialist programming experts who will assist you at each and every step. Academic Assist is capable of assisting you in all the areas of your university computer programming coursework.

We have a special team of academic computer programming experts, who specialise in all the basic areas of web development. Some of their preeminent skills include C++, JAVA, ASP.NET, HTML, JSP and Photoshop. They are experts in Networking, Java, C#, and .Net, VB.Net, ASP.Net and Windows 2005 Server along with various other latest editions of programming. You can also get a database created by us using Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server and Microsoft Access or MySQL. The quality of programming work done by us makes us leading academic computer programming service and over past few years we have provided assistance regarding custom- written programmes to several students of various universities and colleges across the globe.

1.4.2 Software Development

If software development is an important part of your academic assessment and you are worried how to complete it with good grades, then Academic Assist would be the best place to help you in hassle free manner. Special skills are needed for doing software development assignments, thus it can be very challenging task. If you are not confident about software development skills or falling short of time, why not take help of our professional and ethical software development service. We can help you with all the university software projects, software engineering projects, coursework software assignments also covering computing reports as well as software related dissertations.

The software developers we hire hold expertise in wide range of programming tools that includes JAVA, HTML, CSS, C++, JSP, and Asp.NET along with Photoshop. They also possess strong technical skills in VB.Net, C++.Net, Java, Networking, ASP.Net and Windows 2005 Server along with the latest editions of the software development. You can also get a database created by us using Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server and Microsoft Access or MySQL.

1.4.3 Statistical Analysis

A detailed statistical analysis is very crucial part of almost every degree course. Statistical Analysis is considered to be an intricate task that requires specialist skills and expertise like extensive knowledge of software like Excel, SPSS, Stata, Polystat, eViews, LaTeX, MatLab and varied other packages. Without these skills it would be tough to complete any statistical analysis with huge data , mainly when you are running short of time.

We help you in getting good grades with real-time assistance from professional statisticians who are graduates and postgraduates in their core field of study. We have a huge team of experienced professionals and specialists , so be confident that your work would be of best academic standard. Your statistical analysis project would be thus of superior quality and perfect, so that you earn good grades.

1.4.4 Improvement and Proofreading

Be confident of getting good academic grade, by investing in Academic Assist´sediting, improvement and proofreading service. Academic Assist offers full time assistance regarding all the aspects of academic writing. We cover custom essays, thesis, dissertations, reports as well as proposals. Academic Assist helps you in raising the standard of your university work at all levels through its editing, improvement and proofreading service.

If the tutor has given comments on your paper and has recommended certain specific changes, or you have written your paper but feel it lacks somewhere, or you have reached the point of saturation regarding ideas to improve your work and thus require assistance to finish your work, you simply need assistance from quick proofread or perhaps rewriting or major editing. Whatever might be your requirement, our team of expert writers will provide you with best quality paper that you will feel proud of and help you in getting progress in your career.