Our Guarantees

When you deserve to be the best why settle for something less?

  • 100% original and free of plagiarism work- or money back
    Originality for every paper written by us is our prime guarantee. Before sending the final paper to you, it undergoes thorough online plagiarism check and has been already checked against the previously written papers by us.
  • 1st, 2:1 or 2:2 quality standard ( as chosen by you)
    As per your choice or selection of 1st grade or 2:1 or 2:2 grade assignment, essay or dissertation, you get what you desire. Be confident that you will receive the best academic standard customised paper as desired by you.
  • Work matching your initial brief
    We guarantee that the final paper will cater to all the original requirements sent by you. It is highly unlikely that our writer might misinterpret the instructions, and in that case also inform us within seven days and we will get it straight.
  • Written by well qualified writers
    We have a huge team of specialist writers for every subject who hold degree from recognised universities and for academic disciplines they are well experienced in their field and hold masters degree in their core subject.
  • Free amendments with 7 days for assignments ( 21 days for dissertation)
    We provide at least 7 days to go through the assignment delivered by us, unlike other service providers and if you feel you need any change just let us know. For dissertation you will get 21 days to ask for free amendments that include 7 days for amending the first half of dissertation and 14 days for the whole dissertation. Thus you get an ample amount of time to check the order and be assured that you get what you want.
  • Full references ( bibliography / references free of cost)
    We give guarantee that all the papers written by us for you will be fully referenced with authentic resources. Just choose the type of referencing you need for example Harvard (with or without page number), APA, Chicago, Footnote, MLA or any other style of referencing. We use a proper authentication system along with superior quality database of articles like Emerald for finding articles, books or journals as resources. As an additional part of your assignment reference or bibliography is provided free of cost and is not covered in the word count of assignment.
  • On-time or before deadline delivery
    All the assignments are delivered on time or even before the deadline, rest assured you will always get your work before 11pm on the chosen deadline date for the assignment by you.
  • Completely confidential
    The clients get complete confidentiality regarding their work with us. We do not share your personal details with anyone and to be on safer side if you want to stay anonymous and do not want to share your name and personal details, we do not force you to do it. To establish proper communication with you we just need proper email address. While placing your order, there is an option of making the payment directly into our bank account without divulging any personal details.
  • Paper is never resold
    We NEVER ever believe in cheating, so all the papers are unique and distinct. We do not resell or reuse any of the papers, thus maintaining 100% originality of your paper.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    The sole purpose of Academic Assist is to provide complete satisfaction. Just in case if you are not satisfied with any of our services and feel that the standard of service is not as promised , or the instructions have not be followed properly, just let us know within a span of 7 days and well will do the corrections free of cost.