1.1 Writing Services

Academic Assist offers the finest and widespread range of custom academic writing services. We pride in delivering the best quality essays , dissertations, proposals and assignments to our clients. We are always ready to offer help with any aspect of the academic tasks ranging from report writing to creating posters, analysing data and presentations.

1.1.1 Annotated Bibliography

Writing annotated bibliography is a tricky, time consuming as well as very challenging task. Searching for relevant literary sources related to the matter in the vast pool of academic literature is a tedious task that requires academic skills of advanced level. But with Academic Assist'scustom annotated bibliography service you will get what you aim for. We have a team of skilled and professional writers who are capable of searching the resources that are significant to the assigned topic. We can also frame the annotations for the specific sources that you desire to be included. An annotated bibliography must have a relevant collection of literary and academic sources accompanied with a proper annotation of 100-200 words that does the evaluation of sources in critical manner.

The benefits of annotated bibliography are that it is very useful in finding research matter that is relevant for your dissertation. Thus, saving your time from not needed reading, and this time can be better utilized for writing the dissertation. Give your research a head start with an annotated bibliography written in customised manner from Academic Assist right away.

Different types of Annotated Bibliography are:


  • Indicates what the sources are all about
  • Lists significant topics
  • Defines the concept of source


  • Provides summary of source
  • Tells reader about thesis, dissertation , hypothesis or argument
  • Explains the results and conclusions of source


  • Helps in assessment of strengths and weaknesses of source
  • Critically evaluates source in terms of quality and relevancy


  • Most common form of annotated bibliography
  • Combination of information about source and critical evaluation of source

Easy Ordering of an Annotated Bibliography with MyAcademic Assist!

The order for custom annotated bibliography can be placed through a simple online order form. You can select the number of sources you need and mention the research topic and various other requirements, so that we can fulfil all your expectations. We provide guarantee that the annotated bibliography we make for you would never be resold or published , so 100% originality is ensured .

1.1.2 Assignment

A course assignment with good grades is a forte of custom assignment writing services like MyAcademic Assist. If you are short of time, with our professional and skilled help you can get over the problem and get good grades. Academic Assist is a unique platform that provides custom-written assignments, right on time, thus help you to earn good grades every time.

Our custom writing services covers undergraduate assignments, reports, assignments essays and all the coursework. We hold first-rated academic rapport all across the world and that is why we hire the best writers available in the industry. The team of writers includes specialists in their academic discipline.

1.1.3 Coursework

If you think you need help for your coursework, then Academic Assist would be more than happy to do it for you. There are several features of MyAcademic Assists that makes it most preferred custom coursework writing service internationally. Mostly it happens that the students do not get desired support from their tutors in university or college or there is personal pressure that prevents students from staying focussed on studies or one must be feeling overworked. But every student wants to earn good grades so as to enhance their employment prospects. Keeping this perspective in mind Academic Assist provides professional custom written coursework which is developed by experts in every discipline.

Our custom coursework services include essays, undergraduate coursework, reports, PhD coursework and postgraduate coursework or any other assessed coursework. Being one of the most respected as well as leading providers of quality customised coursework, we hire a team of professional writers who are experts in their academic discipline.

1.1.4 Essay

The essays given to students in UK universities are academically very demanding regarding level of perfection. Therefore, for very busy students it's better to pay for a custom written essay and get a professionally customised essay written in few days. Academic Assist specialises in delivering best quality custom written essays and you do not have to get hassled about the deadlines also.

The essays that we provide are custom written by a team of expert writers who are gradates, masters and some are even PhD holders. All across the world Academic Assist is well known for its custom essay writing services. We hold an experience of many years in framing custom written essays and thus have helped many students of universities as well as colleges to earn good grades. That is why most of them return back to us time and again.

Ordering an essay with Academic Assist is very easy and quick process. We have a simple online order form that allows you to place an order for your customised essay, get the price and you can also book certain additional extras like specific sources and specific models etc. Next select the academic standard of your essay like 1st class, 2:1 or 2:2 essay, this allows you to know that your essay will cater to certain assessment criterion. We also help in writing resit essays, by just placing an order and we will start working on it immediately.

1.1.5 Exam Notes

Revisions are Tedious! Make them interesting with Exam Notes from Us!

Exams are a regular feature during studies and if you have exams round the corner and you need help for preparations, Academic Assist will surely be of great help. We help in cutting down your revision time-period and get you good grades. The exam pressure takes a toll on students especially when you want to get good grades. Whether it is answers for the earlier case studies, or you want notes based on long lectures or even ready-to-refer answers for an open book exams, we would be more than happy to help you with our exam not writing service. The exam note writing service is the perfect solution for preparing for the exams.

Benefits of Exam Notes:

  • Statistically proven to get good grades
  • Give time to other important activities like projects while exam notes are prepared
  • Saves you time and days for extra research
  • Hardest exam revisions turn simple with outsourcing and get concise exam notes
  • Targets need specific topics ,theories, formulas etc.
  • Ready-to-refer notes for case studies or open book exams within 24 hours

We have a team of expert writers who have immense experience and Masters Degree in particular subject they handle. Rest assured you will get well researched and concise exam notes relevant to your subject. Thus the work delivered would be of highest academic standards.

How does it work?

Simply place your order, choose the deadline and the required length of the exam notes. Then choose the applicable scenarios and then send all the relevant information to us like lecture notes, core books, past papers etc., so that we can assemble and develop ideal exam revision notes for you to come up with good grades.

1.1.6 Literature Review

Literature Review is a crucial part of most of the degree courses, being the central part of the work assessed by you. The main aim of literature review is to research and analyse the academic sources, while evaluating them to come up with relevant conclusions as well as detect the knowledge gaps in the study. In order to earn a good grade the literature review should be highly comprehensive and it should cover all the desired areas related to the topic of research. It is a tough and time taking task as developing a critical literature review needs concentration along with planning, gathering as well as collating the desired information along with its evaluation. This is highly specialised skill and most of the students find it stressful and arduous task. So your struggle with writing a challenging literature review ends with MyAcademic Assist. We would save on your time and create a unique literature review with our finest literature review writing service. The team of writers is capable of offering specialist help that includes traditional or narrative literature reviews, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis or systematic literature reviews.

Custom Literature Review Writing Services

We cover graduate, undergraduate as well as postgraduate coursework assignments. Even the literature reviews for Masters, research proposals and PhD dissertations is also our forte. We have a unique team of highly specialised literature review writers who are through professionals and deliver best-in-class custom written literature reviews. The large team of professional writers are experts in all academic disciplines, thus you can be confident that your work would be of highest academic standards.

1.1.7 Model Answer

Model answers are the answers picked from textbooks to make the students understand how to go about or what should be their line of attack to answer specific question or topic. If you search the online library or the university library you will find a huge bank of example model answers to several questions or for any subject. The only issue with these model answers is that they are highly generalised to assist you in answering the specific question that has been set during the exam.

Academic Assist has a unique and specialised model answer writing service that helps you with custom model answers that have been framed and written specifically to address the question you need to answer, that too with desired evidence as well as referencing. Thus we ensure that you get good grades for the model answer assignment given to you. The team of expert and specialist writers for model answers develops bespoke model answers, on any topic for proposals, essays, coursework assignments and the dissertations.

Personalised Model Answer Writing

Be positive that the writer who will frame your model answers would be the best one in the team holding right academic qualifications along with experience. Thus ensuring that the work delivered to you would cater to highest academic standards. That is why we pride ourselves that we have a team of expert writers in the industry.

1.1.8 Poster

Academic assessments are turning out to be very creative and with the rising demand for poster creation as a part of academic assessment, students face the challenge of developing interactive and creative posters. A well-presented poster needs high level of innovative and skills, so to ensure good grades for poster assignment, you need to create an impactful poster. Academic Assist helps you in overcoming the challenges of poster making with the help of team of excellent and imaginative writers. You need significant amount of experience to come up with an artistic and impressive poster. The crucial part of every poster for the university assignment is that it should deliver the message in concise as well as coherent manner along with being attractive. To create a catchy poster that is striking as well as fulfils all academic requirements Academic Assist has a team of experienced and professional poster creators, that develops bespoke posters, while offering expert help on poster creation and techniques. The expert poster creators help you in developing custom written posters.

1.1.9 Presentation

Currently most of the study courses have started laying emphasis on presentations, be it in the form of stand-alone projects or as a unique form of reporting on the assessed assignments for example proposals and dissertations. However, framing an extraordinary presentation with good academic quality needs acquired skills and knowledge. Rather , this can be time consuming as well as stressful , mainly if you are unaccustomed to the nitty-gritty's of developing and delivering university presentations. Academic Assist has a team of expert and skilled presentation writers who are graduates or Masters in their core subject. We feel pleasure to tell that we employ the best quality writers in the industry and this is what makes us one of the leading writing services internationally. We have a huge team of presentation writing professionals, who are specialists in their subject. You can save your precious time and earn good grades by availing the custom presentation writing services of Academic Assist that has all the capabilities and resources to help you with university coursework presentations.
Get customized Presentations

  • Specific length ( e.g. 10 or 15 minutes)
  • Specific content need
  • Specific number of slides
  • Audience questions
  • Comments for each slide
  • Graphical effects
  • Video and sound effects
  • Including specific frameworks, sources and models
  • Partial presentations ( Like making parts of group presentations)
  • Class hand-outs
  • Referencing and bibliography

1.1.10 Reflective Report

Academic Assist is the foremost academic reflective report writing service that specialises in creating custom written reflective reports within stipulated time. A reflective essay or report is a unique way of exploring your personal experiences in order to get a deeper understanding as well as appreciation of the specific subject . Therefore, reflective writing needs distinct and exploratory skills that are why it is very likely that most of the students face issues or challenges to write their reflective reports. This happens mostly in the case when the students are either stressed out or have lesser time for submission.

We are here to assist you with each and every area of reflective report writing be it academic reflection or reflective report coursework that covers undergraduate reflective reports, postgraduate reflective reports , personal development plans as well as dissertation reflective reports. You can also get help for templates or proposals that are related to structure of reflective reports. We also help in completing quality group-work as well as individual reflective reports for the group projects.

1.1.11 Report

Custom written reports prepared by Academic Assist will always get you good grades as we develop best-in-class and excellent quality reports. Report writing is an imperative and inventive skill that every student should possess, but to earn good grades you can always avail the custom report writing services of Academic Assist that has all the ingenious skills to help you with coursework reports, proposal reports, book reports as well as final reports. Academic reports need to be developed by skilled and specialised writers, and we pride in our report writing academicians who are capable of developing excellent reports all the time. Report writing is a challenge for some students even though they have perfect subject knowledge. But with the help of our well qualified and experienced writers you can get best quality and professional reports that have been drafted with in-depth knowledge and will surely get you best grades.

Academic Assist's report writing service is unique as it can handle undergraduate reports, postgraduate reports as well as PhD reports, keeping abreast with the desired university standards. We also hold significant expertise in providing quality report writing assistance for business reports, marketing reports, and company reports along with finance reports.